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Eleanor Cameron

Although Eleanor Cameron, author of the Mushroom Planet series of books for children, was not a contributor to Weird Tales, I have included this link because of the influence she has had on so many writers of fantasy and science fiction and on the field as a whole.

The Heinlein Society

The Cimmerian [Robert E. Howard]

Howard Works: Robert E. Howard Bibliography

Jay Kay Klein Photographs and Papers on Science Fiction Fandom
Calisphere, University of California Riverside, Library, Special Collections and University Archives

The H.P. Lovecraft Archive

The Lovecraft Ezine

TENTACLII :: H.P. Lovecraft Blog by David Haden

The Orwell Society

The Eldritch Dark: The Sanctum of Clark Ashton Smith

The H.G. Wells Society

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Other Websites & Blogs

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

The Fanac Fan History Project

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDb)

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Mimosa Online by Nicki and Richard Lynch

Miskatonic University

Pulp Artists

Pulp Coming Attractions


The Pulp Magazines Project

Roy Glashan's Library


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  1. As a published horror writer myself, I would like to ask if you accept reciprocal links. If so, I would be glad to exchange links with you.

    1. Hi, Singlem,

      Sorry for not replying before now. The page we're on here is for links to websites that are informational or educational. What is the nature of your website? Is it primarily informational/educational, or does it have more to do with your own fiction and/or writing? If it's the latter, maybe I should create a new page for you and other writers like you. I hesitate to create links to websites like that because of the objectionable content of so many websites and of so much art and writing related to fantasy and science fiction. Anyway, feel free to write back.

      Terence Hanley