Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Send News . . .

And If There Isn't Any News, Send Rumors

One of the things I have found in doing research is that there is specialized information hiding out there in the world, information commonplace to those holding it and invaluable to those seeking it. Everything we seek may be there for the finding, in old magazines and newspapers, libraries and archives, local history and genealogy organizations, books out of print, collections of letters and diaries, even in the memories of those who survive. Yet the researcher struggles to put all the pieces together. The word research is literal. Someone searched for it once. Subsequently lost, it becomes subject of search again. . . and again. One benefit of the Internet is that once found, information may not be lost again. Or then again, maybe it will. In any case, Tellers of Weird Tales is a blog for everyone. Everyone can read it and everyone can benefit from it. I would also like anyone who has information to feel free to offer it. That's why I am asking for submissions of information, no matter how grand or trivial. You can contribute through your comments, but you can also email me at

Feel free to send whatever you have: memories, family stories, photographs, clippings, photocopies, letters--it doesn't matter. Anything can help flesh out the bare bones of fact. I read on one blog that a family member has stories from a writer of weird tales, stories never published. I'm open to publishing things like that on my blog as well. In any case, I look forward to hearing from you.

Weird Tales, November 1941, with a cover by Hannes Bok anticipating America's entry into World War II and illustrating Frank Gruber's "Book of the Dead." Many decades later, Weird Tales author E. Hoffman Price published a memoir with same title, telling of the men and women he had known in association with the magazine and his own writing career.
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