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Weird Tales Books

The Mummy Walks Among Us edited by Vic Ghidalia

One fond memory of school days for Baby Boomers was the annual arrival of the Scholastic Books catalog and order form. For little money, you could order cartoon books, puzzle books, children's mysteries, anthologies, mythology, non-fiction, and even classics in paperback. After a short wait, the book was yours. There were other companies that published books specifically for the grade-school market. Xerox was one of them. Who knew as a child that for a mere 75 cents, you could lay your hands on what amounted to an issue of the long-defunct magazine Weird Tales? Yet that's just what The Mummy Walks Among Us and other books like it represented. Edited by Vic Ghidalia, The Mummy Walks Among Us is a collection of stories, seven in all, about the undead. Six of the book's tales came from the pages of "The Unique Magazine." The remainder was the work of two men whose work was also published in Weird Tales, though their story for this book came from Strange Stories. The Mummy Walks Among Us is still available second hand, even after forty years of wandering from bookstore to bookshelf, from one reader to another.

The Mummy Walks Among Us edited by Vic Ghidalia
(Xerox Corporation Publishing, 1971, 151 pp.)

"The Man in Crescent Terrace" by Seabury Quinn (Weird Tales, Mar. 1946)
"A Visitor from Egypt" by Frank Belknap Long (Weird Tales, Sept. 1930)
"The Mummy's Foot" by Théophile Gautier (Weird Tales, Apr. 1926)
"The Eyes of the Mummy" by Robert Bloch (Weird Tales, Apr. 1938)
"The Vengeance of Aï" by August Derleth and Mark Schorer (Strange Stories, Apr. 1939)
"Monkeys" by E.F. Benson (Weird Tales, Dec. 1933)
"The Nameless Mummy" by Arlton Eadie (Weird Tales, May 1932)

The Mummy Walks Among Us, edited by Vic Ghidalia. The cover art is by someone with the initials "E.V."
Text and Captions Copyright 2011 Terence E. Hanley

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