Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Call for Requests

I have been writing this blog for over three months and in that time I have had more than 2,000 page views not only from the English-speaking world but also from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Brazil, and Singapore. Despite the fact that the first incarnation of Weird Tales met its end almost sixty years ago, people all over the globe are still interested in the magazine, its writers, its artists, and its history. I enjoy researching and writing Tellers of Weird Tales. I hope I have given you, the readers, what you want. Now I'm offering you a chance to tell me what you want. If you would like me to write about a particular author, artist, issue, or other bit of history of "The Unique Magazine," let me know. I will do my best to find the information you want. Feel free to leave your requests in the form of a comment, or you can email me at:

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.

Text copyright 2011 Terence E. Hanley

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  1. I've been reading your articles since I collect WEIRD TALES and hope you will continue TELLERS OF WEIRD TALES. I would like to see more on the cover and interior art. Some of the artists have very little biographical information available.

    By the way I did a post titled, My Favorite Weird Tales. If you google "favorite weird tales walker martin", you should come up with a hit on LAURIES WILD WEST blog. It is dated October 25, 2010.