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Anonymous is one of the most prolific authors the world has ever known. He and she have written, drawn, painted, and composed countless works. Not surprisingly, Anonymous contributed to Weird Tales as well. Some of those articles, stories, and poems were probably the work of editors or their associates. Others may have been by writers who did not want their names appearing in a pulp magazine. In any case, here is a list of works by that most mysterious of authors:

Anonymous' Works in Weird Tales
"The Young Man Who Wanted to Die" (Mar. 1923)
"The Closed Cabinet" (May 1923)
"A Soulless Resurrection" (Nov. 1924)
"The Twa Corbies" (poem, Feb. 1926)
"In Memoriam: Henry St. Clair Whitehead" (article, Mar. 1933)
"From Ghoulies and Ghoosties" (old Cornish litany and part of Virgil Finlay's poetry series, Feb. 1938)
"The Black Art--From Its Birth to Blackout" (article, July 1940)
"Clark Ashton Smith--His Life and Letters" (article, Mar. 1942)

Anonymous' Works in Oriental Stories
"The Tale of Annaya" (Spring 1932)

It's worth noting that most of these works came early in the tenure of a given editor. An editor pressed for time and in need of content might easily turn to his or her own work or the work of friends or associates.

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