Sunday, November 6, 2011

George Armin Shaftel's Books

Dynamics of Drama: Fundamentals of Writing Craftsmanship (non-fiction, 1941)
Golden Shore (novel, 1943)
Tune in Tonight: A Farce in Three Acts (play, 1947, with Robert Clark)
College Textbook of Hygiene (1952, with O.B. Byrd)
Role Playing the Problem Story (non-fiction, 1952, with Fannie R. Shaftel)
Our California Heritage (non-fiction, 1955)
Guidance in the Modern School (non-fiction, 1956, with H.B. McDaniel)
Conserving Our Wildlife (non-fiction, 1962)
Man Improves His World Series (1963, with H. Heffernan)
The Energy Story, The Fisheries Story, The Forestry Story, The Water StoryThe Wildlife StoryThe Soil Story
Role-Playing for Social Values: Decision-Making in the Social Studies (non-fiction, 1967, with Fannie R. Shaftel)
Building Intelligent Concern for Others (non-fiction, 1967, with Fannie R. Shaftel)
Westward the Nation (non-fiction, 1965, with Fannie R. Shaftel)
Words and Action (non-fiction, 1967, with Fannie R. Shaftel)
People in Action (non-fiction, 1968)
Values in Action (filmstrips, 1971, with Fannie R. Shaftel)
Values Films (films, 1971)
Decisions in United States History (non-fiction, 1972)
Role-Playing in the Curriculum (non-fiction, 1982, with Fannie R. Shaftel)

New E-Books
Cargo of Show Business, from Short Stories, Sept. 25, 1944 (2011)
Crash Scavengers, from Ten Detective Aces, Mar. 1941 (2011)
Mystery on Dead Man Reef, from South Seas Stories, Oct. 1940 (2011)
Mystery on Shark Island, from Secret Agent X, Feb. 1936 (2011)

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