Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More on Theda Kenyon

Poet, novelist, and teacher Theda Kenyon (1894-1997) is most well known perhaps for her book Witches Still Live, "an anthropological study" published in 1929. The dust jacket of her 1942 novel Pendulum offers a little more on her early career. I'll quote it in its entirety here:

     After graduating from the Packer Collegiate Institute [located in Brooklyn Heights, New York], Theda Kenyon took special courses at Columbia University with Blanche Colton Williams. Then she had five years as Instructor in Appreciation of Poetry at Hunter College [also in New York City], and later, was instructor for two seasons in the Blowing Rock School of English, an affiliate of Duke University.
     Miss Kenyon is the author of short stories, published in magazines both here and in England; JEANNE, a novel; WITCHES STILL LIVE, an Anthropological Study; CERTAIN LADIES, poems about women; and SCARLET ANNE, a book length novel in poetry.

The dust jacket of Theda Kenyon's novel Pendulum. The art is by an illustrator named Bolton.
And from the back of the dust jacket, a photograph of the author.

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