Thursday, March 13, 2014

Undersea Scenes on the Cover of Weird Tales

Weird Tales, November 1946. Cover story: "Spawn of the Green Abyss" by C. Hall Thompson. Cover art by Boris Dolgov. Only two covers of Weird Tales showed underwater scenes. Both were by Boris Dolgov. This was the first. It was also Dolgov's first cover for the magazine and no easy feat at that. If I guess correctly, the original art was a pencil drawing tinted with watercolors. It must have been delicate and not easily reproduced.
Weird Tales, January 1948. Cover story: "Serpent Princess" by Edmond Hamilton. Cover art by Boris Dolgov. Another delicate and not easily reproducible drawing by Dolgov. Note the red decorations in both scenes.

Text and captions copyright 2014 Terence E. Hanley

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