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Weird Tales Books

Ten Tales Calculated To Give You Shudders, edited by Ross R. Olney (1972)

If you grew up any time from the 1940s to the 1970s, you probably remember reading Whitman Books. They were inexpensive hardbound books for children issued by Western Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin. The paper is not very much different from that used in pulp magazines. Even Whitman Books from the 1970s have tanned or yellowed with age. Many from the 1940s are brittle and on the verge of falling into pieces. The typical Whitman Book is one of a series starring characters from the comics, movies, or television. Fans of Weird Tales will like Ten Tales Calculated To Give You Shudders, from 1972. The cover art is by Gordon Johnson (1924-1989). Inside are ten stories selected by Ross R. Olney, with his introduction. Four are from Weird Tales.

Ten Tales Calculated To Give You Shudders, edited by Ross R. Olney
A Whitman Book
(Western Publishing Company, 1972, 212 pp.)

"A Forewarning" by Ross R. Olney
"Sweets to the Sweet" by Robert Bloch (Weird Tales, Mar. 1947)
"The Waxwork" by A.M. Burrage (Someone in the Room, 1931)
"Used Car" by H.R. Wakefield (Ghost Stories, 1932)
"The Inexperienced Ghost" by H.G. Wells (Twelve Stories and a Dream, 1903)
"The Whistling Room" by William Hope Hodgson (Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder, 1903)
"The Last Drive" by Carl Jacobi (Weird Tales, June 1933)
"The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs (The Lady of the Barge, 1902)
"Second Night Out" by Frank Belknap Long (Weird Tales, Oct. 1933, as "The Black, Dead Thing")
"The Hills Beyond Furcy" by Robert G. Anderson (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Mar. 1966)
"Floral Tribute" by Robert Bloch (Weird Tales, July 1949)

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