Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Weird Tales Website Is Back!

The website for the new Weird Tales magazine has returned. I don't know when it went up, but it's there for all to see. There are several pages to look at. Readers of this blog might be interested in the "Contact" page which invites inquiries from people who have "[q]uestions about old submissions" and "[p]roblems with something you bought from us." The new editor might not be responsible for the things that went on before he arrived, but I think somebody should have to account for them. At long last, somebody seems to be taking responsibility. Here's your chance to give Weird Tales an earful. 

Here is the URL for the new Weird Tales website. A link is embedded in it, so just click to go there.

The website also has a blog portion. On the day that I write (July 30, 2020), there are two entries. The second is an interview with Jonathan Maberry, the new editorial director. (I think that means editor.) Near the start of the interview, he reveals that there will be a new issue--Number 364--out in October. That will make two new issues under his editorship. I wish him well and hope to see more issues of a magazine that isn't supposed to die.

One of the authors Mr. Maberry has lined up for October is Lee Murray. In this blog, I cover the writers and artists who contributed to Weird Tales from its beginnings in 1923 up to and including the Bellerophon issues of 1984-1985. As far as I know, no author from New Zealand was published in Weird Tales between 1923 and 1985. I believe Lee Murray will be the first. Congratulations, Lee!

Here is the URL of Lee Murray's website with an embedded link:

Here are some other URLs with links:

Happy reading!

Copyright 2020 Terence E. Hanley


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered a copy of #363 today.

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