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Harry Anable Kniffin (1876-1939)

Author, Illustrator
Born February 12, 1876, Brooklyn, New York
Died February 18, 1939, Westfield, New Jersey

Harry Anable Kniffin was born on February 12, 1876, in Brooklyn, New York, but lived in Bayonne and Westfield, New Jersey, for most of his life. As a young man, he worked in the insurance business, then as an illustrator, a stenographer, and finally a writer for magazines. His triumph was "The Tribute," a story from Brief Stories selected for an O. Henry Award and published in Prize Stories of 1921. His only work for Weird Tales, "The Hand of Fatma," was published in the January 1924 issue. Kniffin also wrote for The Delineator, a Butterick magazine with a focus on women's fashions. His family, some of whom worked as pattern makers, may also have worked for the Butterick Publishing Company, which was based in Manhattan. Kniffin's stories for The Delineator appeared in the issues for April and July 1924. His short story, "Westfield 140 Years Ago," was printed in his local paper, The Westfield Leader, on December 9, 1925.

Kniffin was probably the same H.A. Kniffin who authored a one-act play called "Mrs. Flynn's Lodgers" (1910). He was also involved in civic affairs in his home town of Westfield, co-authoring a church history printed in 1929 and serving as president of the Westfield Art Association. Kniffin died a week after his birthday, on February 18, 1939, in Westfield. His wife, Louise H. Kniffin, remained active as head of the Children's Country Home in Westfield for many years afterward.

Harry Anable Kniffin's Story in Weird Tales
"The Hand of Fatma" (Jan. 1924)

Further Reading

"The Tribute" has fallen into the public domain and is readily available on the Internet.

Harry Anable Kniffin wrote fiction and perhaps also provided illustrations for the Butterick company's magazine, The Delineator.
Harry Anable Kniffin (1876-1939)

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