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Weird Tales Books

The Mighty Barbarians edited by Hans Stefan Santesson

The first of two heroic fantasy anthologies edited by Hans Stefan Santesson for Lancer Books was The Mighty Barbarians, from 1969. There are five stories plus an introduction in the book. Two are from Weird Tales, a source that has yet to be mined out even after fifty-seven years since the last issue was printed.

I don't have a copy of this book myself, so I have had to rely on Internet sources for the information here. If you find any of it in error or would like to add something, please leave me a comment or send an email to

The Mighty Barbarians edited by Hans Stefan Santesson
(Lancer Books, 1969, 221 pages)
"Introduction" by Hans Stefan Santesson
"When the Sea-King's Away" by Fritz Leiber (Fantastic Science Fiction Stories, May 1960)
"The Stronger Spell" by L. Sprague de Camp (Fantasy Fiction, Nov. 1953)
"Dragon Moon" by Henry Kuttner (Weird Tales, Jan. 1941)
"Thieves of Zangabal" by Lin Carter (Original to this book)
"A Witch Shall Be Born" by Robert E. Howard (Weird Tales, Dec. 1934)

The Mighty Barbarians, edited by Hans Stefan Santesson (1969), with wraparound cover art by James Steranko,  one of the most innovative fantasy artists of the 1960s.
Text and captions copyright 2011 Terence E. Hanley

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