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Charles Christopher Jenkins (1882-1943)

Journalist, Editor, Author
Born September 17, 1882, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Died November 18, 1943, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Charles Christopher Jenkins was born on September 17, 1882, in Hamilton, Ontario. At the time of his wedding in 1908, Jenkins was working as city editor of the Chatham Daily Planet. In the early 1920s (perhaps when the Planet ceased publication in 1922), he moved on to the general interest magazine Maclean's, based in Toronto, and from there to the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper. In addition to his journalistic work, Jenkins wrote fiction. A list of his stories from The FictionMags Index:
  • "The Yap" with Epes Winthrop Sargent in The All-Story (June 1912)
  • "King of the Trails" in Top-Notch (Apr. 15, 1919)
  • "The Traitor Within" in Argosy (Oct. 4, 1919)
  • "The Man Beneath" in Argosy (Oct. 25, 1919)
  • "The Bayonet of Henry Laberge" in Argosy (Feb. 21, 1920)
  • "A Triangle in Sacks" in Maclean’s (Aug. 15, 1927)
Charles C. Jenkins also wrote a novel, The Timber Pirate, published in 1922. He dedicated that book to his wife, Edith Goldworth Eberts (1882-1975), a descendant of Hermann Melchior Eberts (1753-1819), who was himself descended from Austrian nobility. Jenkins wrote one story for Weird Tales, "The Luster of the Beast," from March 1926. He died on November 18, 1943, in Toronto.

Charles Christopher Jenkins' Story in Weird Tales
"The Luster of the Beast" (Mar. 1926)

Further Reading
You can see Jenkins' family tree at this URL:

From there, you can follow a link to a poorly formatted account of the life of Jenkins' wife. That account includes some information on Jenkins and his career.

An undated newspaper photograph of Charles Christopher Jenkins broadcasting on CFRB, a Toronto radio station that started operations in 1927.

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