Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome, Readers of Weird Tales

Weird Tales, the magazine that never dies, is still in existence and has recently published two new issues under its new editor, Marvin Kaye. Weird Tales has a website, an innovation that would have been inconceivable ninety-one years ago when the magazine began. I have begun as a guest blogger on that website. My first article, "They Should Have Been in Weird Tales," began yesterday. You can read it at this URL:

"They Should Have Been in Weird Tales" is a three-part article introducing the writers that Jacob Clark Henneberger hoped to have in his magazine but who never contributed to Weird Tales. I have written about Hamlin Garland first. Articles about Emerson Hough and Ben Hecht will follow. Eventually, all the articles I write for the Weird Tales website will show up here. In the meantime, you can follow the link. And for readers who are arriving here from the Weird Tales website, Welcome, and Happy Reading.

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