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Robert S. Carr (1909-1994)-Part 2

I have compiled a list of Robert Spencer Carr's credits. I believe this to be as complete a record as exists on the Internet:
  • "The Composite Brain" in Weird Tales (short story, Mar. 1925)
  • "The Flying Halfback" in Weird Tales (short story, Sept. 1925)
  • "Spider-Bite" in Weird Tales (short story, June 1926)
  • "The Caves of Kooli-Kan" in Weird Tales (poem, Nov. 1926)
  • "Soul-Catcher" in Weird Tales (short story, Mar. 1927)
  • "Phantom Fingers" in Wierd Tales (short story, May 1927)
  • "Fog-Faces" in Weird Tales (poem, June 1927)
  • "Beethoven" in Weird Tales (poem, Aug. 1927)
  • The Rampant Age (novel, Jan. [?] 1928; serialized in The Smart Set, 1927; adapted to film, 1930)
  • "The Chant of the Grave-Digger" in Weird Tales (poem, Jan. 1928)
  • "Whispers" in Weird Tales (short story, Apr. 1928)
  • Hot Stuff (film, screenplay co-credit by Carr from his story "Bluffers")
  • Why Leave Home? (film, adaptation by Carr from a play by Russell G. Medcraft and Norman Mitchell)
  • "Puppy Love in College Life (short story, Summer 1928)
  • "Bright Young Laughter" in Everybody’s Combined with Romance (short story, Aug. 1929)
  • "Studio Party" in Everybody’s Combined with Romance (short story, Sept. 1929)
  • "Border Incident" in The Saturday Evening Post (Nov. 20, 1943)
  • The Bells of Saint Ivan’s (May 8, 1944)
  • "Lie Detector" in Liberty (Mar. 4, 1944)
  • "Morning Star" in The Saturday Evening Post (novelette, Dec. 6, 1947)
  • The Room Beyond (novel, Sept. 30, 1948)
  • "Nightmare at Dawn" or "Easter Eggs" in The Saturday Evening Post (novelette, Sept. 24, 1949; also called "Those Men From Mars" and "The Invaders") 
  • "The Laughter of the Stars" in The Blue Book (August 1950; later retitled "Beyond Infinity" and reprinted in Beyond Infinity)
  • Beyond Infinity (collection of four novellas or novelettes, including the new story “Mutation,” 1951; 1954)
  • "Murder in Moscow" in The Blue Book (short story, Jan. 1951)
  • "The Dictator’s Double" in The Saturday Evening Post (short story, Nov. 1, 1952)
  • "The Coming of the Little People" in The Blue Book (novelette, Nov. 1952)
  • The Invaders (novel, 1954--a British edition)
  • "The Coming of the Little People" in The Blue Book (novelette, Nov. 1952; reprinted in Fantastic Stories of Imagination, Mar. 1964)
  • "Hurricane Pass" in the Clearwater Sun (story, date unknown)
In 1952, Carr moved to Clearwater, Florida, and began teaching at the Florida Gulf Coast Art Center. After working for a time as a salesman, he accepted a position at the University of South Florida as a professor of creative writing. Even after retiring he continued to teach at local art centers. Robert Spencer Carr died on April 28, 1994, in Dunedin, Florida. He was eighty-five years old.

Robert S. Carr's Stories and Poems in Weird Tales
See the list above.

Further Reading
In chronological order:
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Beyond Infinity by Robert Spencer Carr in the hardbound edition of 1951 with cover art by Hannes Bok.
Beyond Infinity (1954), the paperback edition with cover art by Richard Powers.

Text copyright 2014 Terence E. Hanley

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