Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weird Tales in Futures Past Magazine

Writer and publisher Jim Emerson has begun publishing an online magazine called Futures Past: A Visual History of Science Fiction. His plan is to cover fifty years of science fiction beginning in 1926 with the publication of the first American science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, and ending with the year 1975. The first issue, subtitled "1926: The Birth of Modern Science Fiction," is now available for purchase at the Futures Past website:

One of the highlights of the first issue is a nine-page article by Mr. Emerson entitled "Weird Tales: The Unique Magazine," which tells of the origins of Weird Tales, lists the contents, and shows the covers of all the issues from 1926. There is also a sidebar biographical sketch and photograph of Farnsworth Wright, as well as a brief article on the cover artist, interior illustrator, and designer of the heading for "The Eyrie," Andrew Brosnatch.

Mr. Emerson plans on publishing his magazine quarterly, with each issue covering a year in the history of science fiction, with all the books, films, magazines, people, organizations, and events in detailed chronological order. The next issue will be available in November.

Thanks to Mr. Emerson for information on and the cover image of Futures Past.

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