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Curtis W. Casewit (1922-2002)

Soldier, Author, Outdoorsman
Born March 21, 1922, Mannheim, Germany
Died March 2, 2002, Denver, Colorado

Curtis Werner Casewit was born on March 21, 1922, in Mannheim, a city in southwestern Germany, not far from the French border. During World War II, he served in the French army and as a translator for the British army. After the war, in 1948, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Colorado, where he set about a career as a writer. Casewit wrote four stories for Weird Tales in 1952-1954. He also had stories in Amazing Stories, Fantastic Universe, and Super-Science Fiction. His genre credits make a short enough list to show here in its entirety:
  • "The Mask" in Weird Tales (Mar. 1952)
  • "Table Number 16" in Weird Tales (Sept. 1952)
  • "Fermentation" in Weird Tales (Nov. 1952)
  • "Transfusion" in Amazing Stories (June 1953)
  • "The French Way" in Fantastic Universe (Oct. 1953)
  • "Prediction" in Weird Tales (May 1954)
  • "The Advantages Are Tremendous" in Fantastic Universe (Aug. 1955)
  • "Bright Flowers of Mars" in Super-Science Fiction (Apr. 1957)
  • "The Martian Wine" in Super-Science Fiction (Aug. 1958)
  • The Peacemakers (science fiction novel, 1960)
  • Adventure in Deepmore Cave (adventure novel [?], 1965)
Casewit also wrote non-fiction, especially on skiing, mountaineering, and careers. His books include:
  • Ski Racing: Advice by the Experts (1963)
  • The Adventures of Snowshoe Thompson (1970)
  • Mountain Troopers: The Story of the Tenth Mountain Division (1972)
  • Overseas Jobs: The Ten Best Countries (1972)
  • Adventure Guide to Colorado (1973, with Steve Cohen)
  • Freelance Photography: Advice from the Pros (1974)
  • America's Tennis Book (1975)
  • Colorado, Off the Beaten Path
  • The Hiking-Climbing Handbook
  • How to Make Money from Travel Writing
  • The Complete Book of Mountain Sports (1978)
  • The Stop Smoking Book for Teens (1980)
  • Graphology Handbook (1980)
  • Making a Living in The Fine Arts: Advice from the Pros (1981)
  • The Saga of the Mountain Soldiers: The Story of the Tenth Mountain Division (1981)
  • The Diary: A Complete Guide to Journal Writing (1982)
  • Quit Smoking (1983)
  • The Skier’s Companion (1984)
  • How to Get a Job Overseas
  • Handwriting Never Lies . . .
  • Tennis Resorts
  • The Mountain World
  • The Mountaineering Handbook: An Invitation To Climbing
  • Foreign Jobs: The Most Popular Countries
  • Freelance Writing: Advice from the Pros (1985)
  • Skier's Guide to Colorado (1993)
Curtis Casewit died on March 2, 2002, in Denver. He was seventy-nine years old.

Curtis W. Casewit's Stories in Weird Tales
See the list above.

Further Reading
Casewit's papers are at the University of Southern Mississippi de Grummond Children's Literature Collection. There is an article on him in the Dutch-language Wikipedia.

The Peacemakers, a British edition from 1963.
And an American paperback edition from 1968. The cover artists are unknown.

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