Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weird Tales #363 at Half a Year

I'm still catching up on things from last year. Some of these things are moving pretty slowly, though, so the catching up is easy. In late July 2019, it was announced that Weird Tales would be back with its 363rd issue. There was no cover date, but the latest issue became available in August, shortly before H.P. Lovecraft's birthday. The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDb) didn't have a list of contents until September. The first list I saw was on a website called The Silver Book Lamp (here). The date was August 25. Good work, Silver Book Lamp. Weird Tales itself has a Facebook page. The announcement there looks to have been dated August 14. Like all Facebook pages, it's un-look-at-able.

You can buy Weird Tales #363 for about ten dollars. Reviews look mixed. Early reviews on a website that shall not be named are more critical. Later reviews are more enthusiastic. That makes me wonder a little bit. Commerce has its ways.

The newest issue is 80 pages long. That's okay with me. At least we have a new magazine. The editor is supposed to be Marvin Kaye, but I'm not sure that's really the case. Anyway, the cover art, a swipe (a commissioned swipe that the editors probably call an homage), is by Abigail Larson. The interior contents are as follows, condensed from the list on the ISFDb:
Click on the names for links to websites. I haven't made any links to Facebook pages, as Facebook is really terrible in visual terms. I hope I have the right people in each of these links.  The Weird Tales still down. Don't ask me why.

It has been six months now since the last issue. At this point, maybe a semiannual schedule is too much to hope for. We'll just keep hanging on until the next issue comes out, I guess. In the meantime, I would like to wish the makers of Weird Tales good luck in their endeavors.

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