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G.W.J. Blume (1889-1955)

Chemist, Historian, Writer
Born July 4, 1889, Nuttallburg, West Virginia
Died November 26, 1955, presumably in Virginia

George Washington Jones Blume was born on July 4, 1889, in Nuttallburg, West Virginia. He graduated from Richmond College in the class of 1913 or 1914. In May 1918, he joined the U.S. Navy Reserve and served until 1921. Blume spent the bulk of his working life as a chemist with the state of Virginia. He also wrote about Virginia Indian tribes. I know very little else about him except that he was the author of the following:

  • "Every Week Is Thrift Week in Our Town" in The Saturday Evening Post (July 19, 1924)
  • "The Brand of Cain" in Weird Tales (May 1925)
  • "The Passing of Sir Galabad" in Laughter (Oct. 1925)

G.W.J. Blume died on November 26, 1955, and is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

G.W.J. Blume's Story in Weird Tales
"The Mark of Cain" (May 1925)

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Richmond College Class of 1913. George Washington Jones Blume is presumably in this picture.
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