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Stafford Aylmer (1907-1965)

Arthur Stafford Aylmer
Born April 1907, Fishtoft, Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Died August 26, 1965, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England

I know almost nothing of Arthur Stafford Aylmer except that he was born in April 1907 in Fishtoft in Lincolnshire, England; that his parents were Charlie Aylmer, a market gardener laborer, and Caroline Emily Aylmer; that he had two brothers, Charles and George William; and that he wrote at least two stories for publication. "The Thing from the Pit" was published in Tales of Fear, edited by Charles Birkin (Philip Alan, 1935). Weird Tales published Aylmer's story "Tibetan Vengeance" in its March 1942 issue. Stafford Aylmer died on August 26, 1965, in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England, at the age of fifty-eight.

Stafford Aylmer's Story in Weird Tales
"Tibetan Vengeance" (Mar. 1942)

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