Saturday, October 3, 2015

Update on Tellers of Weird Tales

I have four series going at once:
  1. My categorizing of Weird Tales covers, which began on January 2, 2014, with "The Eternal Triangle: Man, Woman, and Monster."
  2. The A. Merritt Art Gallery, which began on May 16, 2015, with "A. Merritt Art Gallery-Through the Dragon Glass."
  3. A series on Utopia vs. Dystopia, Classicism vs. Romanticism, Reason vs. Gothicism, and science fiction vs. fantasy, which began on June 15, 2015, with "The Iron Heel and 1984-Part One," and which I plan to conclude with a discussion of William Gibson and Neuromancer.
  4. Notes from PulpFest, an event now nearly two months gone. This series began on August 16, 2015, with "Notes from PulpFest-The Mystery of the Missing Magazine." Still to come: Leo Margulies, Theodore Roscoe, and the highlight of PulpFest for me, Jon Arfstrom.
I'll probably finish those series in reverse order. But first, an interlude or two . . . or three or . . . .

Weird Tales, September 1953, a British edition with a cover by Jon Arfstrom.

Text copyright 2015 Terence E. Hanley

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