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E. Crosby Michel (b. ca. 1911? b.1925?)

Evelyn Crosby Michel
Possibly Evelyn Marion Michel
Born ca. 1911? or July 1925?

Evelyn Crosby Michel, like Michael Labonski, was an associate of artist Lee Brown Coye. And, like Labonski, she presents a problem to the researcher and biographer. I have found a woman named Evelyn Michel in the Syracuse area of the 1940s and '50s. Her name, however, was given as Evelyn Marion Michel. No Crosby in sight. I wonder if I have the right woman. There was another Evelyn Michel in Syracuse, born in about 1911, making her a near contemporary of Coye and Labonski. Maybe she was the right Evelyn. Whoever she was, E. Crosby Michel wrote the text for the first seven installments of "Weirdisms," published in Weird Tales from July 1947 to September 1948. Lee Brown Coye assumed the writing chores on "Weirdisms" after that and carried it through to its end in July 1951. Coye also drew all seventeen installments.

E. Crosby Michel's Feature Series in Weird Tales
"Weirdisms" (seven installments: July, Sept., Nov. 1947; Jan., May, July, Sept. 1948)

Further Reading
Evelyn Crosby Michel received brief mention in Arts Unknown: The Life & Art of Lee Brown Coye by Luis Ortiz (2005), p. 83.

Thanks to Kara Greene, Local History/Genealogy, Onondaga Public Library, Syracuse, New York, for information on Evelyn Marion Michel.
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