Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Earl Peirce, Jr. (1917-1983)

Earl Monroe Peirce, Jr.
Aka Earl Pierce; Earl Pierce, Jr.; Earl Peirce
Born February 28, 1917
Died June 1983

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Earl Peirce, Junior's Stories in Weird Fiction Magazines
"Doom of the House of Duryea" in Weird Tales (Oct. 1936)
"The Last Archer" in Weird Tales (Mar. 1937; reprinted in Startling Mystery Stories, Summer 1968)
"The Death Mask" in Weird Tales (Apr. 1937)
"The Homicidal Diary" in Weird Tales (Oct. 1937)
"The White Rat," with Bruce Bryan, in Weird Tales (Sept. 1938) 
"Satan Fills the Morgue" in Strange Detective Mysteries (Nov./Dec. 1938)
"The Stroke of Twelve" in Weird Tales (June/July 1939)
"Portrait of a Bride" in Weird Tales (Jan. 1940)
"Legacy of the Dead" in Terror Tales (July 1940) 
"The Shadow of Nirvana" in Strange Stories (Feb. 1941)

Letters to "The Eyrie"
Nov. 1935
Nov. 1936
July 1937

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  1. Homidical Diary and Doom of the House of Duryea are online at Gutenberg.

    1. D. Jones,

      Thanks for the links. Now we have at least two of Pierce's stories.


  2. You've got the wrong person here. The writer was named "Peirce". He was a friend of Robert Bloch's in Milwaukee, c. 1935-37. Details at:

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks for the information and correction. I will work on correcting what I wrote when I can.