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L. Harper Allen (1878 or 1879-?)

Llewellyn Harper Allen
Author, Exporter
Born December 19, 1878 or 1879, Kansas
Died ?

Llewellyn Harper Allen was born on December 19, 1878 or 1879, probably 1878. His father, Harper Allen, was a publisher. On his World War I-era draft card and in the 1925 New York State census, Llewellyn Harper Allen gave his occupation as exporter. In 1930, living in Manhattan, L. Harper Allen considered himself a writer. I have found just three credits for him:

  • "The Blood Veins of the Robot" in Weird Tales, June/July 1931
  • "The Hound of Hell" in Thrilling Detective, October 1933
  • "Knives at Night" in Thrilling Adventures, December 1934

I don't know anything more about Allen, not even the date or place of his death.

L. Harper Allen's Story in Weird Tales
"The Blood Veins of the Robot" (June/July 1931)

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