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L. Harper Allen (1878-?)

Llewellyn Harper Allen
Songwriter, Author, Exporter
Born December 19, 1878, Atchison, Kansas
Died ?

Llewellyn Harper Allen was born in Atchison, Kansas, on December 19, 1878 or 1879, probably 1878. His father, Harper Allen, was a publisher. He was a songwriter. One of his compositions was called "How I hate to Leab You" (1897). Another was "When Rueben Brown Left Chinatown" (1899). In his World War I-era draft card, the 1920 U.S. Census, and the 1925 New York State census, Llewellyn Harper Allen gave his occupation as exporter. In 1930, living in Manhattan, L. Harper Allen considered himself a writer. I have found just three credits for him:
  • "The Blood Veins of the Robot" in Weird Tales, June/July 1931
  • "The Hound of Hell" in Thrilling Detective, October 1933
  • "Knives at Night" in Thrilling Adventures, December 1934
I don't know anything more about Allen, not even the date or place of his death.

L. Harper Allen's Story in Weird Tales
"The Blood Veins of the Robot" (June/July 1931)

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