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Elliott O'Donnell's Books

Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965) was a very prolific writer on ghosts, haunted houses, spiritualism, cults, and other weird and paranormal subjects. Since 1904, his work has appeared in hardback, paperback, and now electronic formats. A complete bibliography of his works may prove elusive, but I have made a start here. This list is by no means complete and may not be entirely accurate. The core of it comes from Wikipedia. If you have corrections or additions, please submit them as a comment or by email. Books listed as anthologies include one or more works by O'Donnell.

For Satan's Sake (1904)
Unknown Depths (1905)
The Banshee (1907)
Some Haunted Houses (1908)
Haunted Houses of London (1909)
Ghostly Phenomena (1910)
Reminiscences of Mrs. E. M. Ward (1910)
Byways of Ghost-Land (1911)
The Meaning of Dreams (1911)
Scottish Ghost Stories (1911 or 1912)
The Sorcery Club (1912)
Werwolves [sic] (1912)
Animal Ghosts (1913)
Ghostly Phenomena (1913)
Haunted Highways and Byways (1914)
The Irish Abroad (1915)
Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter (1916)
The Haunted Man (1917)
Spiritualism Explained (1917)
Fortunes (1918)
Haunted Places in England (1919)
The Menace of Spiritualism (1920)
More Haunted Houses of London (1920)
Ghosts, Helpful and Harmful (1924)
Trial of Kate Webster (1925)
Strange Disappearances (1927)
Strange Sea Mysteries (1926 or 1927)
Confessions of a Ghost Hunter (1928)
Great Thames Mysteries (1929)
Famous Curses (1929)
Fatal Kisses (1929)
The Boys' Book of Sea Mysteries (Dodd, Mead & Company, 1930)
Women Bluebeards (1930)
Rooms of Mystery (London: Philip Allan and Company, 1931)
Ghosts of London (1932 or 1933)
The Devil in the Pulpit (1932)
Family Ghosts (1934)
Strange Cults and Secret Societies of Modern London (1934 or 1935)
The Creeps Omnibus (1935)--Anthology
Spookerisms: Twenty-Five Weird Happenings (1936)
Haunted Churches (1939)
Murder at Hide and Seek (1945)
Ghosts with a Purpose (1952)
Haunted Britain (1952)
The Dead Riders (1953, 1967)
Dangerous Ghosts (1954 or 1955)
Phantoms of the Night (1956)
Trees of Ghostly Dread (1958)
The Midnight Hearse and More Ghost Stories (1959)
Haunted People (1960)
Ghosts (1961)
Shadows of Evil (1963)
The Dead Riders (1967)
Casebook of Ghosts (1969)
Ghosts: Stories of the Supernatural (1969)
The Screaming Skulls and Other Ghost Stories (1969)
The Dark Dominion (1970)
The Hag of the Dribble and Other True Ghosts (1971)
The Wild Company (1971)--Anthology
Elliott O'Donnell's Great Ghost Stories (1985)
Animal Hauntings and the Hereafter
The Unlucky Theatre
Werewolves Around the World

An array of covers for Elliott O'Donnell's books. Creeps is an anthology; all others are O'Donnell's work. I don't know the cover artists for any of these books, although it looks like Jan Parker was the artist on Casebook of Ghosts, Volume Two (the man with a head in his hands).
Text copyright 2011 Terence E. Hanley

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