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Howard Rockey's Books

Howard Rockey (1886-1934) wrote at least sixteen novels between 1924 and 1934. The Other Woman's Way was his eleventh; Love, Honor and Deceive! was his last. That means the list below doesn't add up quite right. In any case, this is as good a list as any I know of. By the way, Howard Rockey collaborated with Abraham Loew Furman, who alone or with Rockey wrote under the pseudonym Howard Buck. Furman was a lawyer, editor of children's books and anthologies, and manager of Amour Press. His anthologies include Suspense Stories, Teenage Outer Space Stories, and The Mystery Companion: 14 Tales of Terror and Suspense (1943). Among the contributors to the last were Edgar Wallace, Vincent Starrett, Geoffrey Homes, Robert Bloch, and Cornell Woolrich. Starrett and Bloch also contributed to Weird Tales. All this goes to show that if you look long enough, everything turns into a circle.

This Woman (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1924) frontispiece by P.J. Monahan
All That I Want (ca. 1925) as by Ronald Bryce, frontispiece by George W. Gage
Daughters of Luxury (1925) frontispiece by Miriam Seiss
Honeymoon's End (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1926)
Paradox (Philadelphia: Macrae Smith Company, 1926)
Limelight (1927)
The Test (New York: Macrae Smith Company, 1927)
This Thing Called Freedom (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1932)
The Other Woman's Way (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1932) 11th novel
Greater Love Hath No Woman (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1932)
Shattered Dreams, A Love Romance (1933)
Let's Have a Baby with Abraham L. Furman, as by Howard Buck, (1934)
Love, Honor and Deceive! (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1934)
Masked Longing (1960)

Thanks to Randal A. Everts for the tip on the pseudonym Howard Buck.
Text copyright 2012 Terence E. Hanley

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