Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aalla Zaata

I'll end my alphabetical list with another unknown and no doubt another pseudonym. He or she was Aalla Zaata. I doubt that any person has ever borne that name. Mr. or Ms. Zaata wrote one story for Weird Tales from 1935.

And so ends my A to Z list.

Aalla Zaata's Story in Weird Tales
"A Grave Is Five Feet Deep" (July 1935)

Update (Mar. 7, 2017): According to a reader, Aalla Zaata was the pen name of Dora Black Russell, also called Winifred (Brent) Russell, also called Dora Winifred Russell. I will do further research and write a new article about her as time allows.
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Update (July 23, 2017)
Aalla Zaata
Pseudonym of Dora Black Russell
Aka Dora Black; Dora, Countess Russell; Winifred (Brent) Russell; Dora Winifred Russell; Virginia Stait
Author, Feminist, Social Activist
Born April 3, 1894, London, England
Died May 31, 1986, Porthcurno, Cornwall, England

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  1. RUSSELL, WINIFRED (Brent); see pseudonyms Virginia Stait & Aalla Zaata, according to the FictionMags Index