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Katherine Yates (1865-1951)

Aka E.E. Steven or Stevens
Born 1865
Died 1951

Revised article, January 27, 2016
Katherine Merrite (or Merrit) Yates was born in 1865 and by the early 1900s was writing books for children under her own name and under the name E.E. Steven or Stevens. At some point she lived in Hawaii. Her one story for Weird Tales, "Under the Hau Tree" (Nov. 1925), refers to a species of hibiscus native to the South Pacific and part of the flora of Hawaii. Katherine's book "Chet" (1913) was illustrated by Harold S. De Lay (1876-1950), who later contributed to Weird Tales as well.

Katherine M. Yates' books include (dates may not be entirely accurate):
  • What the Pine Tree Heard (1903)
  • The Grey Story Book (1904)
  • On the Way There (1904)
  • Through the Woods (1906)
  • By the Roadside (1908)
  • Cheery and Chum (1908)
  • At the Door (1909)
  • Diary of One Month in Honolulu (1910)
  • Along the Trail (1912)
  • By the Wayside (1913)
  • "Chet" (1913)--Illustrated by Harold S. De Lay
  • A Tale of the Rainbow Land (1914)
  • Up the Sunbeams (1916)
  • On the Hill-Top (1919)
  • In the Valley (1922)
  • Kat and Copy-Cat (1929)
  • Feather Cloak (1936)
  • At the Door
  • On the Hill Top
  • On the Way There
Katherine Merrite Yates died in 1951.

Original article, December 17, 2013
The unknowns continue [from the previous article] with Katherine Yates, author of "Under the Hau Tree," published in Weird Tales in the November 1925 issue and reprinted in Magazine of Horror #11 (Nov. 1965) and in The Plague of the Living Dead (1970). Katherine Yates may or may not have been the children's book author Katherine Merritte Yates (1865-1951), aka E.E. Stevens.

Katherine Yates' Story in Weird Tales
"Under the Hau Tree" (Nov. 1925)

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