Monday, December 9, 2013

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I am about two-thirds of the way through an alphabetical list of authors and the question marks are piling up. Here is a list of unanswered questions thus far:

A--Who was Stafford Aylmer? Where did he live? What did he do for a living? Did he write anything more than just two stories?

B--What is there to tell about George Washington Jones Blume? What of his life? What was the place of his death?

C--How did the story start that O.M. Cabral was a pseudonym of Kenneth H. MacNichol?

D--As a literary agent and editor, Laurence R. D'Orsay played a prominent part in the history of science fiction by employing and teaching Henry Kuttner. He may very well have had other connections to the science fiction scene in Los Angeles. Yet his biography is pretty skimpy. What more can we learn about him?

E--What more of Horatio V. Ellis?

F--Or of Alice Drayton Farnham?

G--Francis D. Grierson is covered pretty well.

H--Without wanting to pry too much, I wonder what happened to Norman Elwood Hamerstrom.

I--I wonder, too, about Alice I'Anson, her family, and her peregrinations.

J--Talbot Johns--another pretty skimpy biography.

K--Was Anthony D. Keogh actually named Mark Anthony Keogh? Did he die in March 1972? See an obituary (unavailable to me) dated March 25, 1972, in the Springfield [Ohio] Daily News.

L & M--Laidlaw and Myers--pretty well covered.

N--Was the Alan Nelson I found the same writer for Weird Tales and other magazines?

O--What more of Anton M. Oliver? Where and when did he die?

P--Of all the writers on the list so far, perhaps none has received shorter shrift from the Internet than Suzanne Pickett. After all, she had a book published this year.

Q--Is the Janice H. Quilligan that I found the same poet for Weird Tales? I like to think Janice is still with us and still writing poetry. Does anyone know?

This is a request for friends and family of these and other writers and artists to come forward and offer whatever you can. And it doesn't matter whether I have written about them yet or not. I can use what you send me to make my biographical sketches better. That goes for living artists and writers as well. You can leave comments or you can email me at:

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks also to all who read Tellers of Weird Tales and who leave comments and send emails. There is nothing better about writing this blog than to hear from family members.


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  1. TerHan: She signed herself Elizabeth Virginia Raplee and according to relatives, she is the 1900-1982 lady on the SSDI--RAE

  2. Thanks, RAE,

    I have made changes and corrections.