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George Norsworthy (1889-1976)

Military Officer, Author
Born 1889, Cookham, Berkshire, England
Died 1976, Blyth, Suffolk, England

According to The FictionMags Index, George Norsworthy was George (Lenny) Norsworthy, who was born in 1889 in Cookham, Berkshire, England, and who died in 1957 in Suffolk, England. A man named George Lenny Norsworthy of Sussex was an officer in the Royal Garrison Artillery of the British Army during World War I and in the Royal Regiment of Artillery in World War II. It seems likely that this was the same man.

George Norsworthy was an author of mystery stories set in England and in Monaco. His books and short stories:
  • "Murder by Suicide" in Detective Story Magazine (Apr. 27, 1929)
  • "The Third Man" in Weird Tales (Mar. 1930)
  • "'Do You Keep Pigs?'" in 20-Story Magazine (June 1933)
  • Casino (1934?)
  • Dames-Errant, a Gold Seal Novel complete in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer (1935)
  • A House-Party Mystery (1935)
  • Murder at Mulberry Tree Cottage (1937)
  • Gaz Mortel (Deadly Gas, 1938)
  • The Hartness Millions
  • Crime at the Villa Gloria (no date)
That is all I know of George Norsworthy. Maybe a British researcher can fill in the gaps.

George Norsworthy's Story in Weird Tales
"The Third Man" (Mar. 1930)

Further Reading
Click on the links in the list of Norsworthy's credits to read the complete story.

Casino, a complete novel printed in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer.
Gaz Mortel (Deadly Gas, 1938), a French-language edition with an illustration by Claudel.

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