Monday, July 4, 2016

Art and Artists in the Bellerophon Weird Tales-Introduction

In 1984-1985, publisher Brian L. Forbes and his Bellerophon Network put out two issues of Weird Tales, Volume 49, Number 1 (Fall 1984) and Number 2 (Winter 1985). Those two issues were made up of old and new material, including not only stories but also artwork. The art and artists of the Bellerophon issues can be placed into one of five categories:

1. New artwork created specifically for the Bellerophon Weird Tales.

2. Old artwork probably reprinted from previous issues of Weird Tales.

3. Old artwork reprinted from other sources, probably from other magazines.

4. Unsigned decorations, spot drawings, and small illustrations.

5. Photographs.
  • A photograph of Eric Idle holding a copy of Weird Tales Volume 49, Number 1.
  • A photograph of model and actress Jacqueline Pulliam.

I have written about some of these artists before. (Click on their names for links.) Some I will write about at some later date. For now, I would like to look at only a few of them, beginning with Clare Angell, who, with the second Bellerophon issue of Weird Tales, became another mystery of "The Unique Magazine."

To be continued . . . 

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