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Roberto Quaglia (b. 1962)

Author, Photographer, Politician, Science Fiction Fan
Born 1962, Italy

Late last year, a reader named Simone Fazzi let me know that there was another Italian writer published in Weird Tales after Giovanni Magherini Graziani. I have stayed away from the Weird Tales issued after the Bellerophon issues of 1984-1985, but I'll make an exception here for an author from a paese meraviglioso. I would like to say grazie to Signor Fazzi for bringing him to my attention.

Roberto Quaglia was born in Italy in 1962. I don't know the particular date or place, but from 1995 to 1997, he was a councilor in Genova. His stories and other works are listed on The Internet Speculative Fiction Database, while a brief, incomplete, wholly inadequate, and typically Wikipedian biography is shown on Wikipedia. With British science fiction writer Ian Watson (b. 1943), Signor Quaglia contributed one story, "The Grave of My Beloved," to Weird Tales, to the March-April issue of 2006. That story is part of the "My Beloved" series, which were collected in The Beloved of My Beloved (2009, with Ian Watson). Signor Quaglia is also the author of the novel Paradoxine: The Adventures of James Vagabond (2009) and a number of works of non-fiction. He has been active in science fiction circles in Europe.

Roberto Quaglia's Story in Weird Tales
"The Grave of My Beloved" with Ian Watson (Mar.-Apr. 2006)

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Roberto Quaglia's website:
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Roberto Quaglia
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